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Lucas: "Mommy, I'm glad you're home so that Daddy doesn't have to cook anymore."
My culinary skills clearly failed to impress. #toughcrowd (1 hour, 1 minute ago)
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Reported at 4:52 PM CDT: Texas authorities say they arrested a suspect Saturday in connection with the execution-style shooting of Deputy Darren H. Goforth at a Houston-area gas station. [ See More ]

Shannon J. Miles is charged with capital murder, Harris County Sheriff Ron Hickman said. Goforth was attacked from behind and shot multiple times as he was refueling his vehicle at a convenience store on Friday night. The motive for the killing is unclear. [ Hide ]
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My name is Brent Butler. I'm 32, and grew up in Des Moines, IA. This site is home to my blog, some pictures, videos, Tweets and more.

Just about all the coding that makes this site tick was written by me, by hand, in Notepad. That's how I roll ... er ... code.

  • Blog, etc.
    Here you will find my blog entries, pictures, videos, Tweets, Foursquare check-ins, and jokes I've sent. Instead of compartmentalizing all of that, I've put it in one chronologically-organized place.

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    Get weather information for Des Moines, IA, including current conditions, a forecast, and run-down of today's weather.

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    Check out my listing of 30 free MP3 files available on the Internet. These are actually legal.

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    Spy in on me and see what is on my home computer screen. Viewer discretion advised. No, really.

  • Cubs
    I've created a fan page for the Chicago Cubs. It displays current games, standings and news. I know that they're awful, but this gave me something to code, okay? Lay off me.

  • Drumline
    Created for the Des Moines Lincoln High School Drumline, it includes sound bites, photos, interviews with members of the drumline, and a few rosters from back in the day.

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Time wounds all heels.
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