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Reported at 6:00 AM CST: President Barack Obama told CNN's Candy Crowley in an exclusive interview that Americans will not give in to threats or cyberattacks like the one made by North Korea on Sony Pictures. [ See More ]

"This is a matter of setting a tone and being very clear that we're not going to be intimidated by some ... cyber hackers," Obama said. "I expect all of us to remember that and operate on that basis going forward."

Obama said the cyberattack by North Korea was a serious offense. "No, I don't think it was an act of war. I think it was an act of cyber vandalism that was very costly, very expensive. We take it very seriously. We will respond proportionately."

Crowley's full interview with President Obama airs at 9 a.m. ET on CNN and CNNgo. [ Hide ]
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