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Wednesday, September 30th, 2015
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Blog Entry Posted at 10:21:09 PM CDT
New Host for
I just have a quick little announcement. Typically, I'd use Twitter for this sort of thing, but I didn't want to try to compress this to 140 characters. (Perhaps I won't have to in the future)

New Host for (0)
Anyway, about a week ago, I started migrating to the hosting service HostMonster, a process that I completed yesterday.

Since initially registering in December 2000, my former boss at IoWeb Publishing has been graciously hosting it, despite the fact that I left IoWeb 11½ years ago and was an entitled little puke when I did so. Long story short, it made sense for me to finally grace Kevin with my site's absence. I feel like the arrangement we've had has been pretty lopsided in my favor in recent years, so I'm happy to rid him of this silliness. Kevin's been nothing but kind to me this entire time and I couldn't begin to thank him enough. This site has always been nothing more than a hobby of mine, a nice little distracting side project that I get to tinker with every so often. I think such things do wonders in keeping one's sanity, especially for a parent of four. Without Kevin's willingness to host this nonsense, it simply wouldn't exist; perhaps my sanity wouldn't, either. So, to Kevin — THANK YOU.

The change to HostMonster shouldn't create any differences. My experience with moving things was startlingly simple, which is to say that I didn't figure my jerry-rigged code – all likely a long way off from being compliant with any kind of industry standards – would function well when dropped onto another server. To my bewilderment, it largely did. The support folks at HostMonster have been available via live chat for the couple of hiccups that I did run into and, in each case, were able to resolve my problem in mere minutes. The early experience is entirely positive.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a couple of tiny bugs to squash that no one other than me would ever notice...

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