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Reported at 3:21 PM CDT: Debbie Wasserman Schultz is stepping down as chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee at the end of the party's convention, which is set to begin here Monday. [ See More ]

The Florida congresswoman's resignation -- under pressure from top Democrats -- comes amid hackers' release of emails that show DNC staffers favoring Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders in the party's 2016 nominating contest.

Wasserman Schultz announced her resignation in a statement Sunday afternoon, saying she remains committed to seeing Clinton elected president.

"Going forward, the best way for me to accomplish those goals is to step down as Party Chair at the end of this convention," Wasserman Schultz said in her statement. [ Hide ]
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1999 Lincoln DrumlineCadencesPlay33,7311.7203:15:03 AM
1999 Lincoln DrumlineEcho ChexPlay11,8290.3703:15:03 AM
1999 Lincoln DrumlineHelichopterPlay13,2251.1803:15:03 AM
1999 Lincoln DrumlineSolsticePlay10,1901.3703:15:03 AM
1999 Lincoln DrumlineSticks & SwingPlay11,8400.6203:15:03 AM
1999 Lincoln DrumlineWarm-UpsPlay10,6691.3903:15:03 AM
2000 Lincoln DrumlineDrum FeaturePlay12,4840.9303:15:03 AM
2000 Lincoln DrumlineSticks & SwingPlay10,3130.5903:15:03 AM

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ArgosWee HoursPlay4,2898.0103/16/2016
Organum InvictusMachinePlay3,8356.6803/16/2016
Road to RuinBut You Died AlonePlay3,5177.4303/16/2016
1967 Santa Clara VanguardTheme from The CardinalPlay3,4870.6406/17/2016
1968 Santa Clara VanguardBy The Time I Get to PhoenixPlay3,4070.9206/17/2016
1969 Santa Clara VanguardYou Make Me So Very HappyPlay6,8891.2906/17/2016
1970 Santa Clara VanguardBridge Over Troubled WatersPlay3,7401.0606/17/2016
1971 Santa Clara VanguardIf I Were A Rich ManPlay3,7680.6606/17/2016
1972 Santa Clara VanguardFiddler on the RoofPlay4,2182.3806/17/2016
1974 Santa Clara VanguardSend in the ClownsPlay4,4281.2706/17/2016
1981 Santa Clara VanguardYoung Person's Guide to Drum CorpsPlay4,0191.1406/17/2016
1999 Santa Clara VanguardBlue ShadesPlay5,6781.1506/17/2016
2000 Santa Clara VanguardStained GlassPlay4,0441.1306/17/2016
2001 Santa Clara VanguardJug Blues and Fat Pickin'Play4,0671.0606/17/2016
Sherman Hillside StranglersDevil was a Drag RacerPlay3,5275.2203/16/2016
University of Iowa Hawkeye Marching BandAlma Mater IowaPlay3,6930.0203:15:15 AM
University of Iowa Hawkeye Marching BandIowa Fight SongPlay5,2200.0203:15:16 AM
University of Iowa Hawkeye Marching BandIowa Fight Song (short)Play1,2710.0203:15:15 AM
University of Iowa Hawkeye Marching BandOn Iowa!Play3,9310.0203:15:17 AM
University of Iowa Hawkeye Marching BandOn Iowa! (short version)Play3,5730.0203:15:16 AM
University of Iowa Hawkeye Marching BandRoll Along IowaPlay1,1930.0203:15:17 AM
University of Iowa Hawkeye Marching BandThe Series '09Play1,2150.0203:15:17 AM
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