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Reported at 7:42 AM CST: Among likely Democratic primary voters, 58% back Bernie Sanders, well ahead of 35% for Clinton, in the latest CNN/WMUR New Hampshire tracking poll. Still, Sanders believes Tuesday's primary will be a close one. [ See More ]

"We think it's gonna be a close election, we're working really hard," the senator from Vermont told CNN's Jake Tapper.

See Tapper's full interview with Sanders in a special commercial-free "State of the Union" today at 9 a.m. ET. The show also will feature interviews with Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Chris Christie and John Kasich. [ Hide ]
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1999 Lincoln DrumlineCadencesPlay33,6471.7203:15:04 AM
1999 Lincoln DrumlineEcho ChexPlay11,7660.3703:15:04 AM
1999 Lincoln DrumlineHelichopterPlay13,1531.1803:15:04 AM
1999 Lincoln DrumlineSolsticePlay10,1211.3703:15:04 AM
1999 Lincoln DrumlineSticks & SwingPlay11,7690.6203:15:04 AM
1999 Lincoln DrumlineWarm-UpsPlay10,6141.3903:15:04 AM
2000 Lincoln DrumlineDrum FeaturePlay12,4120.9303:15:04 AM
2000 Lincoln DrumlineSticks & SwingPlay10,2560.5903:15:04 AM

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Artist or GroupSong TitlePlayDownloadsFile Size
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ArgosWee HoursPlay4,2178.0102/04/2016
Organum InvictusMachinePlay3,7676.6803:15:04 AM
Road to RuinBut You Died AlonePlay3,4377.4303:15:04 AM
1967 Santa Clara VanguardTheme from The CardinalPlay3,4280.6403:15:04 AM
1968 Santa Clara VanguardBy The Time I Get to PhoenixPlay3,3510.9203:15:05 AM
1969 Santa Clara VanguardYou Make Me So Very HappyPlay6,8361.2903:15:05 AM
1970 Santa Clara VanguardBridge Over Troubled WatersPlay3,6841.0603:15:05 AM
1971 Santa Clara VanguardIf I Were A Rich ManPlay3,7180.6603:15:05 AM
1972 Santa Clara VanguardFiddler on the RoofPlay4,1632.3803:15:05 AM
1974 Santa Clara VanguardSend in the ClownsPlay4,3801.2703:15:06 AM
1981 Santa Clara VanguardYoung Person's Guide to Drum CorpsPlay3,9731.1403:15:06 AM
1999 Santa Clara VanguardBlue ShadesPlay5,6241.1503:15:06 AM
2000 Santa Clara VanguardStained GlassPlay3,9971.1303:15:06 AM
2001 Santa Clara VanguardJug Blues and Fat Pickin'Play3,9791.0603:15:06 AM
Sherman Hillside StranglersDevil was a Drag RacerPlay3,4575.2203:15:04 AM
University of Iowa Hawkeye Marching BandAlma Mater IowaPlay3,6240.0103:15:10 AM
University of Iowa Hawkeye Marching BandIowa Fight SongPlay5,1230.0103:15:10 AM
University of Iowa Hawkeye Marching BandIowa Fight Song (short)Play1,2030.0103:15:10 AM
University of Iowa Hawkeye Marching BandOn Iowa!Play3,8670.0103:15:11 AM
University of Iowa Hawkeye Marching BandOn Iowa! (short version)Play3,4990.0103:15:11 AM
University of Iowa Hawkeye Marching BandRoll Along IowaPlay1,1220.0103:15:11 AM
University of Iowa Hawkeye Marching BandThe Series '09Play1,1280.0103:15:12 AM
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