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Reported at 12:27 PM CDT: Diplomats from Russia, Ukraine, the U.S. and the EU issued a joint statement today on the crisis in Ukraine calling for all illegal armed groups to be disarmed, all illegally seized buildings to be returned to their owners, and for all occupied public spaces to be vacated. "Amnesty will be granted to protesters and to those who have left buildings and other public places and surrendered weapons, with the exception of those found guilty of capital crimes," the statement said. [ See More ]

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry told reporters after an emergency meeting in Geneva that what's important now is that these words are translated into action. He said it's hoped that Russia will withdraw more troops from the area near the Ukrainian border.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stressed the need for Russian speakers in Ukraine to be protected from discrimination.

The statement also said that officials agreed the "OSCE Special Monitoring Mission should play a leading role in assisting Ukrainian authorities and local communities in the immediate implementation of these de-escalation measures wherever they are needed most, beginning in the coming days. The U.S., E.U. and Russia commit to support this mission, including by providing monitors." [ Hide ]
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1999 Lincoln DrumlineCadencesPlay33,2081.7203:15:58 AM
1999 Lincoln DrumlineEcho ChexPlay11,4500.3703:15:58 AM
1999 Lincoln DrumlineHelichopterPlay12,7581.1803:15:58 AM
1999 Lincoln DrumlineSolsticePlay9,7441.3703:15:58 AM
1999 Lincoln DrumlineSticks & SwingPlay11,3580.6203:15:58 AM
1999 Lincoln DrumlineWarm-UpsPlay10,2151.3903:15:58 AM
2000 Lincoln DrumlineDrum FeaturePlay12,0170.9303:15:58 AM
2000 Lincoln DrumlineSticks & SwingPlay9,8680.5903:15:58 AM

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ArgosWee HoursPlay3,9428.0103:15:57 AM
Organum InvictusMachinePlay3,5016.6803:15:57 AM
1974 Phantom RegimentNight on Bald MountainPlay4,0870.7903:15:58 AM
1975 Phantom RegimentPilgrim's Chorus (from Tannhauser)Play3,4301.0903:15:59 AM
1976 Phantom RegimentAn American in ParisPlay3,4040.9003:15:59 AM
1977 Phantom RegimentVesti La Giubba (from I Pagliacci)Play3,3921.4303:15:59 AM
1978 Phantom RegimentThe FirebirdPlay3,9881.2103:15:59 AM
1979 Phantom RegimentElsa's Procession to the CathedralPlay3,9350.8203:15:59 AM
1980 Phantom RegimentCarmenPlay3,8751.0503:16:00 AM
1981 Phantom RegimentEntrance to Rome (from Spartacus)Play3,6180.7503:16:00 AM
1982 Phantom RegimentAdagio (from Spartacus)Play3,7081.0603:16:00 AM
1983 Phantom RegimentDance NeopolitanPlay3,2050.8603:16:00 AM
1984 Phantom RegimentScythian SuitePlay3,2401.3303:16:00 AM
1985 Phantom RegimentMarch to the ScaffoldPlay3,4880.8903:16:01 AM
1986 Phantom RegimentCarnival OverturePlay3,3560.5803:16:01 AM
1987 Phantom RegimentJourney Through the Snow (from The Nutcracker)Play3,4271.1203:16:01 AM
1988 Phantom RegimentOverture (from Romeo and Juliet)Play3,4161.0203:16:01 AM
1989 Phantom RegimentAllegro (from New World Symphony)Play3,9000.9103:16:01 AM
1990 Phantom RegimentDreams of DesirePlay3,2350.9503:16:02 AM
1991 Phantom RegimentNessun Dorma! (from Turandot)Play3,8681.0403:16:02 AM
1992 Phantom Regiment1812 OverturePlay4,7511.0503:16:02 AM
1993 Phantom RegimentDanza Finale (from Estancia)Play3,6150.9203:16:02 AM
1994 Phantom RegimentClaire de Lune (from Suite Bergamasque)Play3,7260.6803:16:02 AM
1995 Phantom RegimentVariation 18 (from Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini)Play3,5121.1903:16:03 AM
1996 Phantom RegimentIntroduction to the 4th Ballet SuitePlay3,6401.0403:16:03 AM
1997 Phantom RegimentHagen's Call to the ClanPlay3,3591.0303:16:03 AM
1998 Phantom RegimentSongs from the Eternal CityPlay3,0931.0903:16:03 AM
1999 Phantom RegimentTchaikovsky Tragedy And TriumpPlay3,4051.1903:16:03 AM
2000 Phantom RegimentThe Masters of MystiquePlay3,2391.2503:16:04 AM
2001 Phantom RegimentVirtuosoPlay3,6691.2903:16:04 AM
Road to RuinBut You Died AlonePlay3,1397.4303:15:58 AM
1967 Santa Clara VanguardTheme from The CardinalPlay3,1440.6403:16:04 AM
1968 Santa Clara VanguardBy The Time I Get to PhoenixPlay3,0630.9203:16:04 AM
1969 Santa Clara VanguardYou Make Me So Very HappyPlay6,5481.2903:16:05 AM
1970 Santa Clara VanguardBridge Over Troubled WatersPlay3,4141.0603:16:05 AM
1971 Santa Clara VanguardIf I Were A Rich ManPlay3,4540.6603:16:05 AM
1972 Santa Clara VanguardFiddler on the RoofPlay3,8532.3803:16:05 AM
1974 Santa Clara VanguardSend in the ClownsPlay4,1161.2703:16:05 AM
1981 Santa Clara VanguardYoung Person's Guide to Drum CorpsPlay3,7011.1403:16:06 AM
1999 Santa Clara VanguardBlue ShadesPlay5,3581.1503:16:06 AM
2000 Santa Clara VanguardStained GlassPlay3,7341.1303:16:06 AM
2001 Santa Clara VanguardJug Blues and Fat Pickin'Play3,6901.0603:16:06 AM
1982 Santa Clara Vanguard DrumlineDrum Solo ClipPlay4,9151.6303:16:07 AM
1989 Santa Clara Vanguard DrumlineBass Ensemble ClipPlay4,2040.1603:16:07 AM
1993 Santa Clara Vanguard DrumlineDrum Solo ClipPlay4,4540.3903:16:07 AM
1994 Santa Clara Vanguard DrumlineBassline Solo ClipPlay4,1500.0903:16:08 AM
1996 Santa Clara Vanguard DrumlineFlam SaladPlay4,5370.1603:16:08 AM
1996 Santa Clara Vanguard DrumlineTriplet StuffPlay4,0750.1303:16:08 AM
1997 Santa Clara Vanguard DrumlineCheezy PoofsPlay5,6880.2003:16:10 AM
1997 Santa Clara Vanguard DrumlineEnd of OpenerPlay3,6970.1303:16:10 AM
1997 Santa Clara Vanguard DrumlineFat Mamma Dancin'Play4,4940.4003:16:09 AM
1997 Santa Clara Vanguard DrumlineOpener ImpactPlay3,7320.1303:16:08 AM
1997 Santa Clara Vanguard DrumlineParadiddlesPlay4,3560.1903:16:09 AM
1997 Santa Clara Vanguard DrumlineSeven StagesPlay3,7190.0803:16:09 AM
1997 Santa Clara Vanguard DrumlineThirteenPlay4,2700.1303:16:09 AM
1998 Santa Clara Vanguard DrumlineBusiness as UsualPlay4,0020.7303:16:10 AM
1998 Santa Clara Vanguard DrumlineFinals Judge's Tape ExcerptPlay4,4880.3103:16:11 AM
1998 Santa Clara Vanguard DrumlineFinals Warmup ExcerptPlay4,3851.6003:16:10 AM
1998 Santa Clara Vanguard DrumlineGroghPlay4,1611.7803:16:10 AM
1999 Santa Clara Vanguard DrumlineBlue ShadesPlay4,0270.4303:16:11 AM
1999 Santa Clara Vanguard DrumlineMr. Adamson's MonkeyPlay4,2471.2003:16:11 AM
1999 Santa Clara Vanguard DrumlineShits & GigglesPlay5,6481.1503:16:11 AM
Sherman Hillside StranglersDevil was a Drag RacerPlay3,1555.2203:15:58 AM
University of Iowa Hawkeye Marching BandAlma Mater IowaPlay3,3261.9803:16:11 AM
University of Iowa Hawkeye Marching BandIowa Fight SongPlay4,8091.4603:16:12 AM
University of Iowa Hawkeye Marching BandIowa Fight Song (short)Play9060.6603:16:12 AM
University of Iowa Hawkeye Marching BandOn Iowa!Play3,5921.4303:16:12 AM
University of Iowa Hawkeye Marching BandOn Iowa! (short version)Play3,2030.4603:16:12 AM
University of Iowa Hawkeye Marching BandRoll Along IowaPlay8261.3303:16:13 AM
University of Iowa Hawkeye Marching BandThe Series '09Play8235.7403:16:13 AM
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