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Reported at 10:50 AM CDT: President Obama said that it was past time for the U.S. to re-establish diplomatic relations with Cuba, as he announced that the two countries were reopening their embassies after more than 50 years. [ See More ]

Secretary of State John Kerry plans to attend the opening of the U.S. Embassy in Cuba this summer.

Earlier Wednesday in Havana, a U.S. diplomat delivered a note from Obama to Cuban President Raul Castro restoring diplomatic ties.

Cuban state-run TV broadcast live Obama's speech from the White House Rose Garden, and an anchor read aloud a letter from Castro to Obama. [ Hide ]
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1999 Lincoln DrumlineCadencesPlay33,5301.7203:15:58 AM
1999 Lincoln DrumlineEcho ChexPlay11,6690.3703:15:58 AM
1999 Lincoln DrumlineHelichopterPlay13,0581.1803:15:58 AM
1999 Lincoln DrumlineSolsticePlay10,0231.3703:15:58 AM
1999 Lincoln DrumlineSticks & SwingPlay11,6620.6203:15:58 AM
1999 Lincoln DrumlineWarm-UpsPlay10,5151.3903:15:58 AM
2000 Lincoln DrumlineDrum FeaturePlay12,3140.9303:15:58 AM
2000 Lincoln DrumlineSticks & SwingPlay10,1590.5903:15:58 AM

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ArgosWee HoursPlay4,1238.0103:15:57 AM
Organum InvictusMachinePlay3,6756.6803:15:58 AM
1974 Phantom RegimentNight on Bald MountainPlay4,2620.7905/21/2015
1975 Phantom RegimentPilgrim's Chorus (from Tannhauser)Play3,6321.0905/21/2015
1976 Phantom RegimentAn American in ParisPlay3,5790.9005/21/2015
1977 Phantom RegimentVesti La Giubba (from I Pagliacci)Play3,5861.4305/21/2015
1978 Phantom RegimentThe FirebirdPlay4,1651.2105/21/2015
1979 Phantom RegimentElsa's Procession to the CathedralPlay4,1070.8205/21/2015
1980 Phantom RegimentCarmenPlay4,0401.0505/21/2015
1981 Phantom RegimentEntrance to Rome (from Spartacus)Play3,8030.7505/21/2015
1982 Phantom RegimentAdagio (from Spartacus)Play3,8841.0605/21/2015
1983 Phantom RegimentDance NeopolitanPlay3,3930.8605/21/2015
1984 Phantom RegimentScythian SuitePlay3,4181.3305/21/2015
1985 Phantom RegimentMarch to the ScaffoldPlay3,6620.8905/21/2015
1986 Phantom RegimentCarnival OverturePlay3,5310.5805/21/2015
1987 Phantom RegimentJourney Through the Snow (from The Nutcracker)Play3,5981.1205/21/2015
1988 Phantom RegimentOverture (from Romeo and Juliet)Play3,5951.0205/21/2015
1989 Phantom RegimentAllegro (from New World Symphony)Play4,0810.9105/21/2015
1990 Phantom RegimentDreams of DesirePlay3,4100.9505/21/2015
1991 Phantom RegimentNessun Dorma! (from Turandot)Play4,0741.0405/21/2015
1992 Phantom Regiment1812 OverturePlay4,9271.0505/21/2015
1993 Phantom RegimentDanza Finale (from Estancia)Play3,8190.9205/21/2015
1994 Phantom RegimentClaire de Lune (from Suite Bergamasque)Play3,9040.6805/21/2015
1995 Phantom RegimentVariation 18 (from Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini)Play3,6871.1905/21/2015
1996 Phantom RegimentIntroduction to the 4th Ballet SuitePlay3,8251.0405/21/2015
1997 Phantom RegimentHagen's Call to the ClanPlay3,5321.0305/21/2015
1998 Phantom RegimentSongs from the Eternal CityPlay3,2741.0905/21/2015
1999 Phantom RegimentTchaikovsky Tragedy And TriumpPlay3,5761.1905/21/2015
2000 Phantom RegimentThe Masters of MystiquePlay3,4051.2505/21/2015
2001 Phantom RegimentVirtuosoPlay3,8431.2905/21/2015
Road to RuinBut You Died AlonePlay3,3347.4303:15:58 AM
1967 Santa Clara VanguardTheme from The CardinalPlay3,3360.6403:16:37 AM
1968 Santa Clara VanguardBy The Time I Get to PhoenixPlay3,2590.9203:16:38 AM
1969 Santa Clara VanguardYou Make Me So Very HappyPlay6,7451.2903:16:38 AM
1970 Santa Clara VanguardBridge Over Troubled WatersPlay3,6021.0603:16:38 AM
1971 Santa Clara VanguardIf I Were A Rich ManPlay3,6350.6603:16:38 AM
1972 Santa Clara VanguardFiddler on the RoofPlay4,0822.3803:16:38 AM
1974 Santa Clara VanguardSend in the ClownsPlay4,2971.2703:16:39 AM
1981 Santa Clara VanguardYoung Person's Guide to Drum CorpsPlay3,8851.1403:16:39 AM
1999 Santa Clara VanguardBlue ShadesPlay5,5491.1503:16:39 AM
2000 Santa Clara VanguardStained GlassPlay3,9041.1303:16:39 AM
2001 Santa Clara VanguardJug Blues and Fat Pickin'Play3,8841.0603:16:39 AM
1982 Santa Clara Vanguard DrumlineDrum Solo ClipPlay5,0861.6302/10/2015
1989 Santa Clara Vanguard DrumlineBass Ensemble ClipPlay4,3880.1602/10/2015
1993 Santa Clara Vanguard DrumlineDrum Solo ClipPlay4,6260.3902/10/2015
1994 Santa Clara Vanguard DrumlineBassline Solo ClipPlay4,3200.0902/10/2015
1996 Santa Clara Vanguard DrumlineFlam SaladPlay4,7180.1602/10/2015
1996 Santa Clara Vanguard DrumlineTriplet StuffPlay4,2450.1302/10/2015
1997 Santa Clara Vanguard DrumlineCheezy PoofsPlay5,8570.2002/10/2015
1997 Santa Clara Vanguard DrumlineEnd of OpenerPlay3,8650.1302/10/2015
1997 Santa Clara Vanguard DrumlineFat Mamma Dancin'Play4,6640.4002/10/2015
1997 Santa Clara Vanguard DrumlineOpener ImpactPlay3,9140.1302/10/2015
1997 Santa Clara Vanguard DrumlineParadiddlesPlay4,5210.1902/10/2015
1997 Santa Clara Vanguard DrumlineSeven StagesPlay3,8950.0802/10/2015
1997 Santa Clara Vanguard DrumlineThirteenPlay4,4530.1302/10/2015
1998 Santa Clara Vanguard DrumlineBusiness as UsualPlay4,1970.7302/10/2015
1998 Santa Clara Vanguard DrumlineFinals Judge's Tape ExcerptPlay4,6870.3102/10/2015
1998 Santa Clara Vanguard DrumlineFinals Warmup ExcerptPlay4,5671.6002/10/2015
1998 Santa Clara Vanguard DrumlineGroghPlay4,3361.7802/10/2015
1999 Santa Clara Vanguard DrumlineBlue ShadesPlay4,2060.4302/10/2015
1999 Santa Clara Vanguard DrumlineMr. Adamson's MonkeyPlay4,4331.2002/10/2015
1999 Santa Clara Vanguard DrumlineShits & GigglesPlay5,8371.1502/10/2015
Sherman Hillside StranglersDevil was a Drag RacerPlay3,3445.2203:15:58 AM
University of Iowa Hawkeye Marching BandAlma Mater IowaPlay3,5220.0103:16:47 AM
University of Iowa Hawkeye Marching BandIowa Fight SongPlay5,0000.0103:16:48 AM
University of Iowa Hawkeye Marching BandIowa Fight Song (short)Play1,0990.0103:16:47 AM
University of Iowa Hawkeye Marching BandOn Iowa!Play3,7740.0103:16:49 AM
University of Iowa Hawkeye Marching BandOn Iowa! (short version)Play3,3940.0103:16:48 AM
University of Iowa Hawkeye Marching BandRoll Along IowaPlay1,0170.0103:16:50 AM
University of Iowa Hawkeye Marching BandThe Series '09Play1,0130.0103:16:50 AM
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