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Brent Butler's Player Bio
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Brent Butler
LHS Alumni (Class of 2001)

(2000 - 2001)
Snares, Captain
(1999 - 2000)
Snares, Section Leader
(1998 - 1999)
Snares, Section Leader
(1997 - 1998)

What do you like most about Drumline?The tradition and camaraderie.
What do you like least about Drumline?Two things: When people take it too seriously or too lightly.
Describe your best Drumline memory.I've got quite a few:

Freshman Year

  • Playing a competition in Kansas City in 93 heat.
  • Playing "Dance of the Sugar Plum Ferries" with Metallica's "One" over it.
  • Seeing Dave Arthur work on "Tornado" as a Sophomore
  • Going to St. Louis

Sophomore Year

  • Doing the Kansas City competition in a parking lot because their field had flooded.
  • Playing "Why Can't This Be Love?" at a basketball game because the captain wanted a chick.
  • Set up the first Lincoln Drumline site. Wow, was it bad.

Junior Year

  • The bassline adding 6's to cadences just to keep from being bored.
  • The bassline actually getting mad because they couldn't get 8's to sound good enough; the 6's were fine, so they wanted to do something harder
  • Going to Orlando, FL and playing at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World

Senior Year

  • Drawing crowds during summer practices at my house
  • Winning a caption award for Best Percussion
  • Playing in snow at ValleyFest
  • The picture to the left
  • Having nearly a week of snow days that I didn't have to make up
What would you do if you were Drum Captain for a day?I miss counting off cadences, warm-ups and such. It's cool having that kind of control of a full drumline like that. If I was captain for one day, I'd probably take the line around the parking lot a couple times just to set off car alarms.

"Clicking" the full band out onto the field was pretty cool, too.
Name something unique about yourself.I run this website.
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