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Welcome to the Lincoln Drumline Website!
  • Recently, the fate of this site was put up for debate with very few results. After some contemplation, and deleting hundreds of spambot postings to the Guestbook, I've decided to at least shut down the Guestbook and remove the far out-dated Calendar.

    I have no current plans to remove the entire site; in fact, my plans are quite the opposite. My general plan is to incorporate the Drumline site more into mine. There's a good amount of content here that I'd rather not lose, but I don't really see any point in trying to maintain what's effectively an entirely separate site. Shutting down the Guestbook and merging it into mine will help me out quite a bit and keep all the same content available.

    For the few that enjoy this site, I appreciate your continued support. You are the sole reason any of this is still here!

    --Brent Butler

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